Diego Solana, international advisor of the World Law Foundation and coordinator of the World Law Congress program, organized by the World Jurist Association, participated in the Asma Jahangir Conference held in the city of Lahore, organized by the Asma Jahangir Foundation and the Pakistan Bar Council under the theme «Safeguarding Civil Rights in South Asia».

Solana presented the mission of the WJA, highlighting its commitment to promoting judicial independence, upholding the rule of law and emphasizing the importance of human rights around the world. He also extended an invitation to attendees to join the next World Congress of Law scheduled for 2025 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The event was attended by numerous jurists and human rights activists from Southeast Asia, as well as some Europeans supported by their respective embassies. Different panels were held on various topics, but always with a focus on human rights and judicial independence. This is the fifth edition held under the leadership of the family of Asham Jahangari, a jurist admired and loved, especially by women.