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The Rule of Law Digital Center is a physical and digital space located in the heart of Barrio de Salamanca, in Madrid. It is opened to organizations, institutions, companies, universities and schools with projects aligned with the mission of the Foundation, where stakeholders can propel their social impact.

The Center has an auditorium and different meeting spaces that may be rented or donated, depending on the nature of the event.

Spaces are available Mon-Fri. The spaces of the Center are available for rent.

Auditorium «Ruth Bader Ginsburg»

Size: 104 m²
Capacity: 60-120 seats, theater
Removable chairs
2 joint wide screens, total size: 9m x 2m
Fixed lightning
Fixed Stage

Podcast Recording Studio

Up to 4 microphones

Meeting Rooms

López Lozano
Calvo Sotelo
Martínez Simancas

6-24 seats / In-house screen

Full gallery

Exceptionally, the WLF Executive Board may grant rental exemption depending on the nature of the project. To apply for rental exemption a proposal of the event must be presented for approval, and it shall be related to the promotion of the Rule of Law, positive social impact, or Human Rights. Deposit required.

Request rental / donation conditions, a quote, and/or further information on these spaces, please contact: