Por qué las elecciones en Venezuela no son válidas

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Javier Cremades, abogado y Presidente de la World Jurist Association Johann Kriegler* Resulta paradójico que el mismo día que los españoles celebramos el cuadragésimo segundo aniversario de [...]

The World Jurist Association denounces the electoral fraud in Venezuela

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The World Jurist Association has presented an expert declaration written by more than 1,000 legal professionals from different countries denouncing that the December 6, 2020 parliamentary elections [...]

The Presidential Succession in Peru: Three Presidents in Seven Days

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César Landa Arroyo Democracy is the bedrock of the constitutional state under the rule of law, a state whose purpose is to protect fundamental rights and maintain [...]

Opening Session Washington, D.C.: «Human Rights and Justice: Fundamental Pillars for Strengthening Democratic Systems»

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"We are far from a reality where human rights are protected in real time, and there is a long way ahead to guarantee effective mechanisms".  This is [...]

Opening Session Miami: «Covid-19: Boon or Detriment for Gender Equality?»

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Under the title "Covid-19: Boon or Detriment for Gender Equality?", the World Jurist Association (WJA) and the Bass Institute for Diversity and Inclusion organized this much-needed and [...]