Opening Session Luxemburg: AI & Rule of Law

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On the theme "Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law", the World Jurist Association (WJA) held the ninth opening session Luxembourg of the World Law Congress Colombia [...]

Opening Session Caracas: Distortion of the Rule of Law

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Together with the Permanent Conference of Ibero-American Legal Academies (CPAJI in Spanish), the World Jurist Association (WJA) organized this preliminary session of the World Law Congress Colombia [...]

The Rule of Law through the Educational System WLC Opening Session Dominican Republic

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Chaired by Luis Henry Molina Peña, President of the Supreme Court of the Dominican Republic, the World Jurist Association celebrated the Opening Session Dominican Republic of the [...]

Opening Session Strasbourg «International Protection of Families & Children

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In collaboration with the European Bars Federation (FBE), the World Jurist Association (WJA) celebrated on February 25, 2021 the Opening Session Strasbourg of the World Law Congress [...]

Por qué las elecciones en Venezuela no son válidas

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Javier Cremades, abogado y Presidente de la World Jurist Association Johann Kriegler* Resulta paradójico que el mismo día que los españoles celebramos el cuadragésimo segundo aniversario de [...]

The World Jurist Association denounces the electoral fraud in Venezuela

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The World Jurist Association has presented an expert declaration written by more than 1,000 legal professionals from different countries denouncing that the December 6, 2020 parliamentary elections [...]