The new headquarters of the World Law Foundation, the Rule of Law Digital Center Madrid, hosted a fashion event that fused art, social responsibility, and human rights on the catwalk, with the presence of designer Carlos Zapata and artist Pedro Sandoval.

Painter and sculptor Sandoval pioneered creating art in the metaverse over a decade ago. On his part, fashion designer Zapata has created a fashion collection capturing works by Pedro Sandoval in his fabrics, achieving – according to Zapata – the «enormous fantasy of the first art and fashion dresses in the metaverse».

The Rule of Law Digital Center, where the event took place, exhibits numerous art pieces by Sandoval, who has recognized that, in this collaboration with Zapata, «we deal with the issue of integration… And this venue serves itself to our purposes», stressing that, in his perspective, «we must not integrate, but accept», bringing up the story of his niece who brought him closer to the neurodivergent world.

Among the models that went through the catwalk were refugees from different countries, neurodivergent people, models of different sizes, races, and ages, uniting the reality of society in a striking catwalk.

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, president of the Human Rights Institute of the World Jurist Association, participated as a speaker, pointing out that “more than producing integration, it is a duty [to integrate]. We must promote the protection of fundamental rights using even fashion as platform, and in relation with sustainability and non-discrimination. We demand that, from the fashion world, beauty be increased by protecting fundamental values”.

For his part, Javier Cremades, recognized that «two great human beings have come together to share their creativity and their work, all these connected with the solidarity cause that we have of recuing those who stayed there», referring to the drama suffered by those living under totalitarian regimes, generators of many of the refugees Madrid welcomes to date.