On June 20, in the setting of the World Jurist Association’s new Forum «Energy Transformation and Climate», the World Law Foundation presented the book «Energy, Politics and International Law», by Jesús Eduardo Troconis Heredia, with a prologue by Javier Cremades, president of both organizations.

During the event, held at the headquarters of the magazine Cambio16, Cremades emphasized that the author «has focused on a topic that was once for experts and now has enormous social significance, because the energy sector is on the front line of combat, and society has the right to have decent access to energy». Furthermore, he stressed that «we have to prioritize the transition to green energy and make a radical commitment to long term policies towards a more sustainable economy».

Diego Solana, program coordinator of the World Law Congress, moderated the interventions and emphasized the role of law «as a guarantor for sustainability». Alongside them, Luciano Parejo Alfonso, professor of Administrative Law, co-founder of the Carlos III University of Madrid and former rector of the Menéndez Pelayo University, pointed out that «the significance of this book lies in energy and, specifically, in oil and gas». He added that «this work presents a world that looks back to the moment when man made a decisive move in history: turning away from animal life and taking a totally opposite direction, endangering the foundations on which life is based».

Also participating in the presentation of «Energy, Politics and International Law» was Aquiles Rattia Regalado, a petroleum engineer, member of the UN Energy Committee and former director of world reserves of Repsol, who stated that «energy is an instrument of progress and we must see it as an instrument for peace».

The meeting ended with the intervention of the author, Jesús Eduardo Troconis, who thanked the speakers who accompanied him, acknowledging the proper use each one of them make of their prestige by using it for a better future for all. He concluded pointing out the importance of «reinforcing the efforts to tackle climate change because the planet’s existence is at stake, and therefore we must seek the preservation of the environment».